Howdy, I Started a Blog

What is Howdy, artist?  Howdy, artist is a blog of Q and A’s with Texas-based artists. Started in 2015, with a pondering, if we could rattle the myth and legend that is an artist. It ain’t highfalutin fare.

What does Howdy mean?  A way to say how do you do.

Why Howdy?  A friendly way to start a conversation.


Snapshots Reception at Gutstein Gallery

Reception is June 14, 6:30 – 8pm for Snapshots. If you find yourself in Savannah, head on over to Broughton Street to see my  Rain.Art Days End works in person at Gutstein Gallery. These works are in a new medium for me, print transfers on wood panel.

Snapshots flyer

Cheers, Kristina

SCAD Exhibitions

Photos from Small Works opening

I wanted to share photos from the opening of Small Works 2012 that SCAD posted on their Instagram @scaddotedu


Gutstein Gallery window on Broughton Street. Love the font for exhibition!


Panorama inside the gallery before the opening reception. Can you see my work?