Who is this “Dog” you speak of ?


One of many of My Grandfather’s Hats


She’s famous, you know,” the elderly man said humbly, half looking at the floor, while I examined his dog’s swollen ear. But I could hear the pride in his voice.

A few moments earlier, just before entering the room, I had glanced over the chart for the patient in Room One. When I saw the patient’s name, I thought, How original. A dog named Dog…  Continue reading about Dog and Mr. Evans’ special bond here by Andrea B. Redd, D.V.M. (Dog’s Vet) in Chicken Soup for Dog Lover’s Soul.


image via Outdoor Life


When I say or type Dog in posts about my art work, I’m honoring my grandfather and his Dog.  Yes, her name really was Dog.


Grandfather and I
Me and my Grandfather


Check out Dog and Mr. Evans’ Facebook page and watch them here.